63_grandeGermantown and Prince George’s Reproductive Health Services are privately owned reproductive health care facilities.  We were founded in 1974 by Dr. Carl Stave and group of ministers, physicians, nurses, and social workers. After the death of Dr. Robert Spencer (known as the Angel of Ashland) Dr. Stave was approached to help women in need of abortion services.  Dr. Stave felt passionate about the cause but waited to open his clinics until abortion was legalized.  Germantown and Prince George’s Reproductive Health Services continue to provide women with safe and legal abortion services to this day in the memory of Dr. Carl Stave.  It is our belief that all women deserve the right to make decisions about their bodies and health freely and safely.  To facilitate this belief we offer quality abortion care in a compassionate and confidential setting.  Our facilities are licensed and inspected by the State of Maryland and we are members of the National Abortion Federation.